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  1. In what is assuredly to be a busy day in the markets, due in part to a Truce between the US and China with regards to further tariffs, I wanted to point out a significant level in Crude Oil. Headlines will read that oil climbs

  2. Over the weekend in our Elite Member Services letter, I highlighted the possible strength we may see in the short term in China Internet stocks. KWEB is the industry group ETF and we can see from the weekly RRG that it is making a turn

  3. In volatile market environments, especially those on the way down, it is inevitable that we get an influx of top and bottom callers. Business news networks, financial Twitter, and finance websites are all churning out content designed to lure you in, and make you react.

  4. In market draw downs, it is natural for investors to seek out others that they deem professionals for advice. Those of us “lucky” enough to be in this business day after day become pillars of strength upon which those with equity exposure lean. I am

  5. In line with my recent piece on utilizing Volume by Price, I am planning to take a long in Sotheby’s ($BID). Take a look at the daily 5 year chart: Overall, BID looks to be putting the finishing touches on the right shoulder of an

  6. For market technicians, there is no shortage of tools and indicators we have at our disposal. With today’s computers and rapidly changing technology, long gone are the days when a chartist would come home and plot the Open, High, Low and Close of a stock

  7. Family and Friends of Omahacharts,     Some of you may know that my partner Marius Alexe, CMT and I recently began a premium service product in our U.S. Equity Forecast and Stock Alerts Service. As the product nears the end of its second month,

  8. It’s good to be back! Pardon the silence for I was off the mainland for a week in the magical land of Hawaii. After a week of hiking to the top of beautiful mountains, attending luaus, and showing off my beach bod on the sandy

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