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  1. Happy Thursday. Yesterday’s post highlighted an objective approach in taking a short trade. Today we will reverse course and do the opposite which is take a long trade based on a subjective premise. Triangle chart patterns are second nature to a technical trader. They are

  2. For the hump day edition of this week’s five setups in five days I wanted to turn your attention to a short setup. I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: Shorts are not my forte. I have never been able to consistently make

  3. Happy Tuesday! For Day Two of our Five Stocks In Five Days Segment I want to focus on a different type of setup. Market technicians are often heard talking about two types of overall patterns: Continuation and Reversal. Yesterday’s CVSI was a continuation pattern. In

  4. I hope you all had a nice long weekend. This week I want to turn the focus toward individual stock selection as the environment we find ourselves in currently lends well to stock pickers. My goal each day is to choose a stock, whether it

  5. if you have paid any attention to financial media as of late, you’ve probably noticed the buzz around the Lyft IPO. The transportation network company went public back on March 29th and shares have struggled since. Here are a few headlines from different financial publications,

  6. “There are no perfect symmetries, there is no pure randomness, we are in the gray region between truth and chaos. Nothing novel or interesting happens unless it is on the border between order and chaos.” ― R.A. Delmonico R.A. Delmonico was on to something. In markets

  7. Over the past several years I have developed a love/hate relationship with the energy sector. Personally I have been underweight this group for some time as my attempts to time it have been unsuccessful in the past. Individual energy stocks are somewhat hostage to the

  8. If you are a fan of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to trading or investing you will appreciate this one. While I focus the majority of my efforts on investing in cannabis related companies, once in a while I will line up a

  9. Welcome to April. I had a feeling this might happen, but feelings and financial markets are words not to be used in the same sentence, so let’s set how we feel aside shall we? As we come into the final hour of the first trading

  10. It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of Q1 2019. It’s time to reevaluate our trade plan as well as begin formulating our strategy to get off to a strong Q2. Each year around this time I make sure to have at

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