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An Open Dialogue About Gunviolence and Tragedy

The dove has been a symbol of both peace and innocence for thousands of years across many different cultures. In ancient Greek mythology it was a symbol of love and renewal of life, and in ancient Japan a dove carrying a sword symbolized the end of war. Yet again, tragedy rocked our brothers and sisters [...]

You Got Your Rate Cut, Now What?

As expected you were awarded your .25% rate cut. Shortly after as predicted, you got a knee jerk sell the news event which served to drive equity indexes lower. The first reaction to such events is nearly always wrong. The sell off was nothing more than a short term, door buster sale that gave you [...]

You’re Going To Want To Own This

(Please consult your own financial advisor before acting on this recommendation brought to you by a guy who likely knows way more than your financial advisor.) I've had my eye on an ETF for the past couple of weeks for a long term buy. The iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF (IHF) is setting up as [...]