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The Holy Grail Of Any Trading System

It is common for the novice trader or investor to begin their quest for financial freedom by searching far and wide for the "holy grail" trading system. Oftentimes, the novice scours the internet looking for a self-proclaimed guru's advice or they shell out their hard earned cash for a trading indicator that holds the keys [...]

Technical Voodoo At Play In The Benchmark S&P 500

Among the many technical indicators available to us as market technicians lies one in particular that to this day I have trouble wrapping my mind around. These tools aren't necessarily difficult to use or interpret, but trying to grasp why these work takes some higher level thinking. I am speaking of the Fibonacci toolset (Extensions, [...]

The Memory Remains

Welcome to Q4, 2019. It's hard to believe a year has passed since my final exam. I don't mean a university, FINRA or other written exam given by a financial institution. I mean the final exam given to me by Mother Market that I along with several other traders I am close with, failed with [...]