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I’m Back

It's good to be back! Pardon the silence for I was off the mainland for a week in the magical land of Hawaii. After a week of hiking to the top of beautiful mountains, attending luaus, and showing off my beach bod on the sandy white beaches I am back in the saddle. I trust [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 11

Emotion on steroids – more to come or almost enough for now? ANNOUNCEMENT :::: our stock alerts service will be delivered in a different format very shortly. All preparations are in place and we are conducting final tests on the new platform which to date has behaved as expected. We will contact you with details [...]

US Stocks Weekly Letter Volume 11 Update

Good Day! For those who were unaware, I have been in Hawaii this past week for a wedding / much needed vacation. The internet connectivity where I am staying is less than sufficient for running any kind of scanning / trading software with any efficiency. Due to this, the Elite Letter for this week will [...]