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I’m Here For You, Don’t You Worry

Happy Monday a little later than usual. I can sense that you have felt the lonely, cold winds of a market selloff with no one to cushion your fall. No one to tell you things were going to be all right. There, there friend, OC is here for you, behind the scenes digging deep into [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 8

Growth stocks will not do better than value stocks for much longer.   Since we’ve started our letter a couple of months ago, we took ample time to discuss in this long-term commentary section how various pockets of the market are aligning for some kind of market top. The analysis would be incomplete without looking [...]

So The Party Was Fun, Let’s Do It Again…

So we decided to stay at the party and it has been worth our while to the tune of 10% in a day's time: But it's that time in the evening where we can safely leave and feel fine the next morning, or double down and stay for another game or two with high stakes, [...]