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It’s A Cruel, Cruel Game We Play

Just six short days ago I detailed out a long trade I took in MNST, Monster Beverage Company: See Here Since then, MNST has done nothing but trade lower much to my chagrin, leaving my option premium in tatters and my feelings hurt. What have I done to deserve this treatment? The answer is nothing. [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 9

Understanding Brexit, what it entails, its risks and its opportunities. It was an interesting week which ought to go down for many as a time for reflection. The potential of what can happen in an overbought / overpriced market is probably a bit clearer now.  Since we’ve talked a lot about the endogenous factors that [...]

When stars align ………..

In a way, market analysis is very much like astrology. It is not a precise science but rather one of probabilities but that is enough to get a good tool and be strategic about life / trading. It takes a lot of time to conduct properly and there is no real substitute for experience. It [...]