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The blog will cover any and all topics related to finance and the World Markets and will be heavily rooted in technical and quantitative analysis.

Guest Post: Tariffs and the Supply Chain

At OmahaCharts, we believe in Mosaic Theory as it pertains to having a well-rounded knowledge of markets, economics, and anything related to factors that may impact your finances. When I see fit, I'll bring in other expert analysis and opinions that I think we all can benefit from understanding. My friend Chris Meyer here in [...]

The Anatomy Of A Trade From Start To Finish

From time to time I get asked to take someone through my process of going into the markets in attempt to profit from a trade. The keyword trade here is very important because the process by which an RIA or Mutual Fund manager attempts to make money for his clients is much different than what [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 5

The mid-term setup on the stocks / bonds ratio is not very promising.   As you could probably understand already from our first few issues, we at OmahaCharts have a keen interest in understanding how short-term market developments fit into the mid and long-term picture across multiple asset classes. We are proponents of a top-down [...]