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A Bull Market Fueled By A Lack Of Trust

This morning the Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled, "Investors Bail on Stock Market Rally, Fleeing Funds at Record Pace." Before I say anything more, be reminded of the quote from Sir John Templeton about bull markets:   The year isn't over yet, but the S&P 500 is having its best run in the [...]

Strictly For A Trade

In late October, I mentioned an interesting opportunity in Francesca's - a retail stock that you surely followed me into, and most likely left once boredom set in. I'm still in it and it is finally starting to work in our favor. Interestingly, I have come across a very similar setup that for a trade, [...]

Let’s Finish It

If you are an active stock picker you know that these are the best of times. Low overall market volatility has given rise to low stock to market correlation making for a near ideal environment for active managers. In "An Update From Underground" I pointed out that I felt this environment would be here to [...]

The Chase For Performance Is On

  The asset management business in home to some of the most intelligent and competitive minds you will find anywhere. Especially those in the hedge fund space where performance dictates assets under management. Accredited investors seek outsized returns for their money and hedge fund managers take outsized risks in attempt to beat benchmark indexes and [...]

An Update From Underground

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you all. I wanted to give a special thank you to any and all veterans out there who have followed Omahacharts. Without your sacrifice to this country, our freedoms and safety we enjoy everyday wouldn't be possible. Your bravery, sacrifice and courage do not go overlooked here so thank [...]

You See That Rotation?

Good morning and happy Monday. Long time readers of OmahaCharts know that I was an early adopter of a newer technology to technical analysis known as a Relative Rotation Graph, RRG. I speak about them fairly often but if you need a refresher, take a look at this blog I did nearly three years ago. [...]

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