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IHS Markit Provides An Interesting Opportunity

I am planning an entry into IHS Markit ($INFO) early this week as it satisfies all I look for in an investment opportunity. Let's take a moment to go over which factors I look for when planning to take on new risk in the form of a longer term stock holding, both on a fundamental [...]

The Bears Have My Attention

When a historically significant signal of a looming recession flashes, it is our job to pay attention. The signal I am speaking about is of course the inversion of the yield curve. In normal circumstances when you lend someone your money, you would expect that the longer you lend it to them, the more interest [...]

Relative Strength

Global equity markets fell hard yesterday on the back of the Chinese Central Bank devaluing their currency amid escalating trade tensions. No matter what the reason, days like yesterday serve as a reminder that these things happen in markets. While not routine, the sell off yesterday was far from rare. I will spare you the [...]