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Omaha & Company Takes Trade In $YUMC

Over the weekend in our Elite Member Services letter, I highlighted the possible strength we may see in the short term in China Internet stocks. KWEB is the industry group ETF and we can see from the weekly RRG that it is making a turn upward toward the top left (improving quadrant). These are the [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 15

“Depressed” is becoming a state of mind I am an Elliott Wave practitioner in part because Elliott is a great description of market behavior but more importantly because the Wave Principle is in fact a description of human social behavior. Bob Prechter’s studies in Socionomics are an exceptionally high caliber analysis linking societal developments with [...]

A Useful Market Topping and Bottoming Indicator

In volatile market environments, especially those on the way down, it is inevitable that we get an influx of top and bottom callers. Business news networks, financial Twitter, and finance websites are all churning out content designed to lure you in, and make you react. Not all content is ill directed, but market pundits are [...]