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So The Party Was Fun, Let’s Do It Again…

So we decided to stay at the party and it has been worth our while to the tune of 10% in a day's time: But it's that time in the evening where we can safely leave and feel fine the next morning, or double down and stay for another game or two with high stakes, [...]

Come Join My “One Foot Out The Door” Trade

It isn't very often these days that I attend parties, but when I do I make sure to have a backup plan. If I arrive on the scene to find party goers talking about upgrading their kitchen appliances, who they have mowing their yards, or the the sizzling deal they got on new tile for [...]

US Stocks Service Weekly Letter – Volume 7

The outperformance of consumer cyclicals versus consumer staples is approaching the end of the line. A good way to understand where we are in a stock market and economic cycle is to look at the relative strength of growth-oriented versus defensive sectors and groups. The concept is easy to grasp because it is self-evident as [...]