Pardon the silence for I fell ill with the spring bug that has been going around. I spent the better part of two days on uppers (DayQuil) and downers (NyQuil). My brain was moving at 11mph and I couldn’t even see a stock chart through bloodshot puffy eyes. I am much better now though and back to it.

I wanted to share this chart by going around the Finance Universe this morning. It does a good job of serving as a subtle reminder that the day to day market movements and news flow no matter how bearish (inverted yield curve, economic growth contracting, trade wars, etc. etc, etc.) are little more than minor blips in the grand scheme of things. I write often about how trading an investing are hardly the same thing. This further solidifies that truth.

It’s good to be back and enjoy the chart courtesy of

Trent J Smalley, CMT